An excellent tool to find your perfect home

If you are thinking of buying or renting a house, one of the traditional questions that comes to mind is how much light and sun the house will receive at each time. We now have a Cercalia RealState tool, with which we can simulate the behaviour of the sun at any location. Their tool, which […]

Discover Paradise in Europe: The 10 best beaches in 2023

The summer of 2023 has arrived and with it a fresh and exciting list of the best beaches for bathing in the entire continent. From crystal clear waters and golden sands to stunning cliffs and vibrant marine life, Europe has something for all lovers of the sea and the sun. If you’re looking for an […]

Discovering the jewels of Europe: The best rated tourist attractions

Europe, continent rich in history, culture and beauty, is a dream destination for travellers eager for unforgettable experiences. From majestic gothic cathedrals to picturesque natural landscapes, Europe offers a wide range of tourist attractions that have captured the hearts of millions of visitors. Prepare your suitcase, Europe awaits you with open arms, ready to delight […]

Important Considerations Before Traveling Abroad in 2023

Traveling abroad is an exciting experience that can open doors to new cultures, landscapes, and people. However, in today’s ever-changing world, it is essential to be well prepared before embarking on any international adventure. A trip abroad requires careful planning and a thorough understanding of the current conditions in the destination country. With these considerations […]

Home´s illegal occupation in Seville: a growing problem in tourist rentals

An increase in the demand for tourist rentals has led to an increase in cases of illegal occupation of homes in Seville. Some unscrupulous individuals take advantage of vacant or even stolen properties to advertise on platforms for significant profit. It is a problem that cannot be ignored. It is necessary that both the owners, […]

The rise of tourist housing in Spain: an increase of 23% in the 20 most visited cities

The increase in tourist housing in Spain has transformed the tourism industry and has provided new opportunities for travellers and homeowners alike. As the tourism housing landscape evolves, it is important that authorities, property owners and travellers work together to ensure a positive and responsible tourism experience in Spain. For more information, you can read […]

Saving measures that tourists will follow this summer on their trips

Summer is a long-awaited time for everyone since many of us take the opportunity to enjoy our well-deserved vacations. However, in times of economic uncertainty, it is important to find ways to save without giving up the fun and exploration of new destinations. By following smart cost-saving measures, such as planning, choosing affordable lodging and […]

What can happen on July 23 if I am on vacation?

With the recent announcement of the advancement of the general elections by President Pedro Sánchez to next July 23, 2023, many travel agencies have been inundated with questions from their clients. In the height of the high season, both those who have already booked their holidays and those who plan to do so have been […]

Tourist rental company is sanctioned for requesting unnecessary personal data

In the digital age, the personal data protection is an issue of great relevance and sensitivity. Recently, in some news have been released that it was generated an important debate around vacation rental management. The Data Protection Agency has imposed a significant fine on a tourist rental company for requesting unnecessary personal information from its […]