What would the world be like without Airbnb?

With Barcelona announcing to ban short-term rentals from the end of 2028, how will decisions to restrict Airbnb and other platforms in major cities around the world change the way we travel? Barcelona is not the only city that is heavily regulating – or even prohibiting – short-term rentals. As of September 2023, it is […]

International Bikini Day

International Bikini Day was already celebrated on July 5, an iconic piece of swimwear whose arrival on the beaches of Spain was one of the symbols of the openness and tourism development of the country that, with the passage of time, has become into one of the world leaders in the vacation industry. You can […]

What does it cost to build a pool?

Construction pools (such as concrete ones, for example) have a significant cost. The price of a standard pool ranges between €13,000 and €18,000. The prefabricated ones are easier to install and cost from €8,000. You can read the complete news with all the defined expenses in the following link: https://blog.trovimap.com/cuanto-cuesta-hacer-una-piscina-en-espana-precios-y-consejos/  

Renting prohibited. The hotel industry against vacation rentals

Vacation rentals have become a new business model, both for companies and individual owners. The administrations, instead of legislating for citizens, are dedicated to restricting vacation rentals and facilitating the work of hotel lobbies. At Just Enjoy Holidays, we are in favor of the regulation of the vacation rental market, so that it becomes once […]

Best Tourism Villages

These have been the Spanish towns chosen to qualify for the Best Tourism Villages recognition by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). In the 2023 edition, Cantavieja, Sigüenza and Oñati were the three towns in Spain that achieved this distinction. You can read the complete news in the following link: https://www.instagram.com/hosteltur/  

When is a plane most likely to break down?

More than 80% of incidents occur with the aircraft on the ground. The accident of the Alaska Airlines Boeing has been an earthquake in terms of the results of the two large fleet manufacturers. However, according to Cirium data, breakdowns or incidents that involve an airplane as the protagonist usually occur on the ground and […]

Key factors for the profitability of a rural house

▪️The location of the accommodation and its impact on demand. ▪️Quality and condition of the facilities. ▪️Accommodation capacity. ▪️Efficient management and operation. ▪️Competitive pricing strategy ▪️Consider the “revenue” (net income).   You can read the full news at the following link: https://www.instagram.com/smarttravelnews/  

Extraordinary measures and aid that housing tenants can benefit from in 2024

Given the economic crisis situation caused by the pandemic in 2020 and, currently, the economic and social consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war, the Government has been issuing numerous regulations with the effects of alleviating the problem of housing rentals: Limits on updating income. Suspension of eviction and eviction trials. Extraordinary extension of the duration of […]

When will we stop changing the time in Spain?

In an EC consultation, 84% of the participants chose to maintain a fixed schedule. Although the final decision on the schedule that each EU member state will adopt has not yet been made. In Spain, the decision to change the time in the future is still pending. You can read the full news here at […]

What are the most valued tourism brands on five social networks?

Tourism is a very advanced sector in terms of reputation on social networks, compared to other economic activities, as highlighted by IAB Spain. Viajes Azulmarino, the flight comparator Skyscanner and the Bahía Príncipe hotel chain are the brands highest valued by users on the five social networks analyzed. Both the positive feeling that arouses among […]