Reasons to choose the Mar Menor as a holiday destination

The sea, gastronomy, and nature are already compelling reasons that make the Murcian coast a dream destination to spend your holidays.

Do you want one more? More than 300 days of sunshine a year, which makes the Mar Menor coast known worldwide as the Costa Cálida. A vacation destination all year round, a place to unwind on its immense beaches with warm waters and nature, on the coast, and in the interior of the community.

But even so, we want to give you more reasons to end up falling in love with this corner of the Spanish coast.

4 reasons to fall in love with the Costa Cálida

Nature and more nature

Although of course, the great attraction is always the beach, that’s not all. The interior of the Costa Cálida offers great natural diversity. With 7 natural parks to visit throughout the region.

The Salinas Regional Park is one of the most important parks to observe the birds since the large wetland is home for birds of numerous species, which makes the space a place for nesting and resting.

Do you want a real gift for the eyes? Observe the flamingos, which bring life and color to this great park and which have also become a symbol of this natural space.

And if you visit the Calblanque Regional Park you will believe that you have traveled to the Caribbean. An oasis of virgin beaches that has nothing to envy to the paradisiacal beaches.

Sands and crystal clear waters

One of the great attractions of Costa Cálida is its beaches. And we have to say that there are beaches for everyone.

La Manga. One of the favorite areas for tourists and sun and beach lovers. Although there are still beaches to discover and get away from the hustle and bustle in high season. You can see some of the best beaches here.

Family beaches, with all the services to enjoy long days at sea. Or small hidden coves, where you can escape from the world or be able to snorkel all year round.

The secret of the two seas

Yes, yes, you read that right: two seas. This is one of the best-kept secrets of the Costa Cálida, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Murcia is home to the largest salt lagoon in Europe, the Mar Menor.

A warm, calm, and shallow sea that makes this region a true paradise 365 days a year. A sea to practice water sports, with enormous maritime diversity, for those who love the sea and all its sports. Just as it becomes a perfect sea for those seeking tranquility and being able to enjoy it practically all year round.

Once you cross the Manga del Mar Menor, you enter the Mediterranean Sea, an ideal area for diving lovers. A seabed with two of the protected marine reserves, which has one of the largest concentrations of fish in the world.


The community of Murcia has dishes that only exist here. This makes its gastronomy rich and varied and an invitation to the palate to discover flavors and enjoy the best local products.

Its Roman and Arab roots can be felt in its gastronomy.

Delicious recipes with fresh fish and many direct products from the garden. Without a doubt, if you visit the Costa Cálida, a gastronomic route is mandatory, it is no coincidence that in 2021 Murcia was chosen as the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy.

The beauty of the Costa Cálida, added to its nature and exquisite gastronomy, makes the Region of Murcia one of the most demanded destinations when summer arrives, but why not enjoy it throughout the year? and much better if you can do it from the comfort of an apartment with sea views.

If you want to spend a vacation in the comfort of your own home or if you are looking for a weekend getaway to recharge your batteries… Contact us without obligation or take a look at our website. We will be delighted to show you the best of Costa Cálida.

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